Children’s Health

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the

Dr. Srajeldin with two cute Princesses

future”. John Fitzgerald Kennedy quotes (American 35th US President (1961-63) & Dr. Fateh Srajeldin seconds the quote.

The health and well being of a child is the most important aspect of their upbringing. Children are generally born with a clean slate when it comes to their health. It is up to us:

  • parents,
  • teachers,
  • health care practitioners,

to work together and ensure that it remains a constant for their future.

Most parents have the capabilities to attend to common health needs of their children at home; such as giving them healthy food, maintaining a proper sleep schedule and ensuring their overall safety. However, regular check-ups are the best prescription to use as a preventative measure.

Your child’s immune system takes time to develop; the younger the

"Child's health is an adult's responsibility"

child is, the less time it takes to treat an ailment. For example: if an infant begins showing signs of a skin condition such as eczema on elbow folds and knee folds or psoriasis; treating them at 1 year of age is a completely different process

than treating the same child at 10 years old. Although both are possible and results will be successful; the type, length, and severity of the treatment will alter dramatically as a child matures and as the condition festers within the body.