Overseas Appointments

All overseas appointments are prearranged through our Toronto Office

  • Dr. Fateh Srajeldin BSc, N.D.
  • Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic
  • 5468 Dundas Street West Suite 101Toronto Ontario
    Canada M9B 3E3
    (Dundas West & Kipling Subway) 
    Tel : 416-207-0207
  • Fax : 416-207-0272

Website: www.inaturopath.ca
Blog: blogspot.com
Twitter: twitter.com
Facebook: facebook.com
E-mail: clinic@live.com

Working Hours (8 – 10) hours a day)
All overseas appointments must be arranged through our Toronto office. All overseas patients must obtain a permission from the hospital management and attending physician that permits Dr. Srajeldin to treat the patient in question as he sees fit for the patient. Without such permission Dr. Srajeldin will not attend to any hospital facilities.

Cradeling Earth

Cradeling Earth

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