Guarantee Policy

Guarantee Policies

During the first examination, our naturopath will spend critical time with you to perform the following

1-    Take a complete medical history from birth until present,

2-    Perform a complete physical examination from head to toes (no internals unless the condition dictates such examination),

3-    Evaluate the results of your blood work,

4-    Adjust your diet to coincide with the goals of the treatment, taking in consideration your medical history, physical examination, blood work and your current health condition,

5-    Based on the above our naturopath will prescribe remedies, therapies, iv treatments,

Our naturopath will perform the above steps very accurately and professionally therefore; the naturopath will GUARANTEE to use every tool to help diagnose your health issues:

a)    using his 20 years of experience in your favor

b)    use his ears to hear your concerns

c)    use his eyes to investigate your symptoms

d)    use his hands sensory system to palpate your symptoms

e)    use simple medical terms to explain his findings

f)     use common sense to tie up your past diseases, your current symptoms, your diet, your therapies, your treatments and your prognosis, to help you comprehend your health issues and their treatment.

The results are subject to many factors that we can’t help, and may waive the guarantee ????

A)   The residue of PAST medications side effects from child hood in your body,

B)   CURRENT medication, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other herbal or natural treatments and philosophy,

C)   Your CURRENTLY ingested diet

D)   Your CURRENT dietary habits (coffee, dairy, sugar)

E)   Your PAST medication toxicities that remained in your body

Although we will do our best to encourage and produce a positive outcome, each person reacts differently to products, treatments etc. Therefore, despite all the successful treatments we have produced, the naturopath is unable to give any guarantee beyond the examination at the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic.



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