Ludmila Semenets, HD., AcD.

Ludmila Semenets H.D.

Dr. SementsDr. Ludmila Semenets was a medical doctor with a lot of medical experience from the Ukraine. She is  our clinic’s pride and joy. She had gain the love and respect of all her colleagues and patients equally. Since joined our clinic eight years ago, She pursuit further education in the natural health field and studied homeopathy, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and colon irrigation. She had several thousands of colon irrigation adding health and comfort for those having digestive problems.

Dr Ludmila Semenets
Homeopathic Doctor, M.D. (Ukraine), H.D. (Homeopathic Doctor),
Registered member of Ontario Homeopathic Association, Colon Therapist.

Dr. Ludmila offers in depth care and treatment with single or combination homeopathic medicine, tissue salts, Gemmotherapy, as well as nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes.Learn more about Homeopathy.

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