Blood Allergy Testing

Food Allergy Testing

The body normally contains a lot of allergens, which the body deactivates and suppresses. An active strong allergen or several allergens invade the lymphatic system and weaken its ability to combat allergies.

Live Cell Microscopy


Blood is the best known method to accurately test for allergies in the body. Our naturopath will draw a sample of blood and send it to an allergy lab in the USA. Using advanced IgG and IgE methods, the lab tests for 196 different food allergens in the blood sample and 36 different inhalant allergens to find the food or the inhalant causing the allergy symptoms. Once identified, a treatment panel is design, including a menu and diet to help

An Allergic Reaction

The theory of allergies

avoiding more symptoms and rid the body from the sickness. The allergy report will include safety levels for active allergens, score level both visually as a colored bar and numerically to help understand the severity of the results.

There is no merit to the statement used by some people “my child grew out of his/her allergies.” Allergens do not just disappear, rather they may turn into another organ and generate different symptoms or condition such as an asthmatic child develops ulcerative colitis, hives or eczema in adulthood. I have seen many adult patients who had some allergic symptoms in childhood that disappeared after several years of conventional injections and treatments then developed a completely different allergy condition in adulthood. Dormant allergens may or may not appears on allergy tests. Caution must be exercised before consuming known allergens if they do not appear on any allergy tests. Further testing for the specific allergen should be redone to confirm.


A skin condition

Allergies are much easier to treat when properly identified using proper laboratory procedures. First, allergy elimination and secondly treatment based on blood work and physical examination.