Male Health Concerns

Well, let’s have some fun with the males now.

Over the past twenty years in heath care field, I have treated thousands of patients as a naturopathic doctor in the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Cornwall as well as overseas. I treated infants, children and adults in both genders, day in and day out. Surprisingly, the percentage of women who sought naturopathic treatments at my office exceeds the percentage of males by four folds. This equation reveals, one male for every four females. Surprisingly again, I found that despite the low percentage of male patients who show up at my clinic’s front door, I estimate that 50% of adult males were actually ‘dragged’ in by their females counterparts to seek a treatment for a complaint that the male is not acknowledging. On the other hand, if the males were teens then they would be dragged in either by their classmate or their mother.  Children were brought in by a guardian or parent. Being so formidable, so strong and so untouchable health wise, this group of males resent going to the doctors office because they believe they never get sick and diseases attack everyone else but this particular group. The other 50% is further divided into two groups. The first 25% of patients come to the office seeking solutions. They attentively listen and apply all the therapies, diet, remedies and instruction precisely and accurately. This group gets healthy in a reasonable short time. The last 25% percent of males, still does not get sick and if they do get sick then one treatment should resolve the problem. Also they do not take their treatment on time and they find every short cut possible to utilize during their treatment and they, deliberately, cut it down.

Therefore, when I prescribe for this group they show their frustration as a result of the diet and the remedies prescribed. I do see it in their raised eye brows and their round protruded eyes. If the patient is a child then I do understand he needs more encouragements. on the other hand, if the patient were an adult, then his surprised action ties my hands.

Among the few males who came to the office for treatments, approximately 50% actually came because “the wife said so” or “mom said so”. The rest came for many reasons possibly because of “Children’s”, because of “the job” but the main thing that everyone must know is that males never came for treatment due to ill health. This is supposedly because males are the healthier and stronger gender among all genders (there are only two genders any way). In my opinion, over the past 20 years of health care, I found that males including myself could be affected by all sicknesses that females would have, except for PMS, vaginitis and pregnancy (for now).

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