Our Patients

Our patients, proudly, come from all over the world.

Being a clinic in the leading edge position is a status that we are very proudof. It, however, was not given to us, rather we have earned this status with our persistent and avid work to help all of our patients get their desired health back. We have worked hard, very hard to earn this status. We fully understand that, a patient opening our front door is generating a statement without uttering a word. The statement is “ On the way to your clinic I have passed numerous naturopathic clinics, I however, came to your clinic driven by your great reputation. Today, I need medical health attention, therefore if you have the time to listen and help then invite me in, if you are unable to listen and help then let me seek help elsewhere ”. Each and every patient has a special spot in Dr. Srajeldin’s heart, every clinician’s heart and the front desk personnel.

  • 1)- Obviously the source of the majority of our patients come locally from the city of Toronto and surrounding cities. Toronto’s population hovers around 2.5 million wonderful people.
  • 2)- Two groups “A” and “B”
    • A)– This group of patients consist of , a president of a state, several crown prince in a Gulf kingdom, a health minister in a Gulf state and statesmen who arranged for Dr. Srajeldin to fly to their countries to address their health or their family’s health concerns.
    • B)- The other source of patients comes from distant countries to Toronto to receive treatments at our clinic.


We thank those who gave us the chance to help them to the road of health.


Table showing the countries where some of our patients flew or drove from
Canada USA Middle East
Calgary Grand Rapids, Michigan Bahrain
Cornwall New York City, New York Egypt
Hamilton Shelby, North Carolina Kuwait
Kingston Tampa, Florida Lebanon
Kitchener Europe Morocco
London Istanbul, Turkey Qatar
Montreal London, England Saudi Arabia
North Bay South America Syria
Ottawa Panama City, Panama United Arab Emirate
St. Catherine Trinidad Yemen