Acupuncture Treatments

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Advanced Color Laser Acupuncture (German Vega Technology with VEGALUX 790 A)

Colour puncture

Healing light-soft and absolutely painless therapy based on the classical acupuncture meridian systems.

Colour impulses directly effect the energy system of the patient

People of ancient China and Egypt utilized the healing power of light and colour.  Goethe wrote in his famous colour manual on the effects of light and its use can be found in all world religions.

Electromagnetic vibrations influence the entire human organism and control the biochemical processes within us

The VEGALUX 790 A treatment is based on concepts from a German medical practitioner, Peter Mandel and thereafter constructed by the VEGA Company,  The development of this therapeutic tool restores harmony within the electromagnetic energy unbalances and is called colour puncture,  This therapy is based on the findings of classical acupuncture and results in similar effects.

Colour puncture directly influences the cause of illness, that is, the rhythmic disorders in the energy patterns

The colour light impulses penetrate selected acupuncture points.  The light is applied to the skin and is absolutely painless.  By use of the pyramid focusing set, the colours can be exactly concentrated on one point.  The normal time of the radiation therapy can therefore be reduced from 10-20 minutes to 2-5 minutes.

Due to its universal application and integral effect, colour therapy can be used for nearly all illnesses.  Colour puncture is very successful for:

  • Hypotension and hypertension
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Gastrointestinal illness
  • Bronchitis, bronchial asthma
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Heart disease
  • Diseases of the urogenital system
  • Emotional symptoms, e.g. depressions, anxiety, fear, etc

VEGALUX 790 A should be used in every naturpathic0oriented practice. Its harmonizing effects are an excellent addition to therapeutic modalities. Colour puncture with the VEGALUX 790 A is:

  • needleless
  • painless
  • has healing effects
  • sage and easy to apply

With the VEGALUX 790 A a medicotechnical device was developed, which enables the significant successes of the colour therapy

  • Direct contact between light and skin can be provided by the use of cold light
  • With multiple wire, flexible or highly flexible fibre optic light-guides 2 or 3 points can be treated at the same time
  • The ideal dimensions and the easy operation of the VEGALUX 790 A offer many other application possibilities in the practice of a medical doctor or a non-medical practitioner.

The colour puncture with VEGALUX 790 A

By using this method, colour impulses penetrate painless on the body via a flat focal point.  Zones, segments and significant points are treated.  The colour puncture is most suited when slow reactions are required, e.g. for hypertension or hypotension

The colour acupuncture with VEGALUX 790 A

A concentrated power of colour effect is achieved by the physical law via a pyramid focus.  This power is spread fan-shaped from the treatment point to the tissue.  The one having energetic knowledge in the classical acupuncture, replaces with the colour acupuncture needles or injections of the Chinese medicine.