Fateh Srajeldin, B.Sc., N.D.,

Fateh Srajeldin B.Sc., N.D. Biography

I am Fateh Srajeldin, a Naturopathic Doctor, B.Sc., N.D., in the cityof Toronto for the past twenty years. I am also the director of the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic in the city of Toronto.

Fateh Sarjeldin BSc., ND 2011

After finishing my pre-medical studies at the University of Toronto, I joined the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1985. I graduated from the college and worked for a year with a prominent naturopath Dr. James D’Adamo. I am indebted to Dr. D’Adamos constant guidance and persistent positive influence. I make a point to pray for Dr. D’Adamo’s good health and for his family. This is in appreciation for his role in shaping my clinical abilities while working at his office.

I established the Toronto Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic which became one of the largest Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic of its kind in North America. Currently, the clinical staff at the clinic consist of qualified professionals who possess collectively fifty five years of natural health treatments, namely, two naturopath, a chiropractor, a homeopath, a colon therapist, two massage therapists, two dietitians, a reflexologist and a skin care therapist.

My policy at the Toronto Naturopathic clinic is to work hand in hand with all professionals for the benefits of each patient employing the following concepts:

Toronto’s Clinic

  1. one file policy, to make every practitioner aware of the goals of other practitioners and of each patient
  2. one prescribing practitioner, who will design the treatment and therapies for that patient
  3. one fundamental theory for treatment
  4. one goal of treatment that highlights the patients concerns

While in the last year of naturopathic studies, I approached top naturopathic doctors in Toronto and abroad for clinical preceptorship hours training required for graduation. I drove thousands of kilometres to Missouri to preceptor with Dr. Howard Loomis and flew as far as Bad Kreuznach in Germany to observe Dr. Ziad Fehmy at his hospital and as far as Aystetten near Mnchen in Germany to preceptor with Dr. Michael Schriber at his clinic.

I expanded the horizon of my knowledge by attending naturopathic conferences as well as medical conferences.

By all means, the naturopathic conferences represent my field of practice. On the other hand, the medical conferences helped me see the medical point of view and their rational in diagnosis and treatment. Most of all, these conferences introduced me to the most up to date medical research and most recent developments. Lets analyse this point. Most of my patients usually consult with me shortly after their medical treatments had failed. Attending medical conferences helped me understand:

  • the rationale behind the reasons that certain medical treatments fail
  • the rationale behind employing certain medications in any medical treatment
  • the best way to detoxify the body from medicinal drugs used in any medical treatment
  • the side effects of each medicinal drug used individually or collectively with other medicinal drugs. An example to illustrate this point is in the case of a patient who is suffering from arthritis, ulcerative colitis and migraine. This patient would be given at least three medicinal drugs for the three symptoms. This patient will end up suffering from at least six side effects if not more due to the number of medicinal drugs used. Be my guest and calculate it.
  • to expect certain symptoms from certain medicinal drugs. This is essential during treatment so that, as a physician, I would distinguish between the main ailment and the disguise ailment which is originated from the side effects of medicinal drugs. It is very easy to stumble on a medicinal drugs side effect which may be so deceiving that appears as if it is the main cause of the patients ailment.

This understanding was essential to help in examining, diagnosing, treating

Caledon Clinic

and detoxifying the patients ailment correctly, the first time.

Over the years, I developed a treatment strategy that is reasonably fast which is summarized in the following points:

  1. I developed an advanced approach to enhance cellular detoxification and organic revitalization simultaneously which had earned me a world-wide recognition in the field of naturopathic medicine
  2. I treated all ailments bearing in mind that optimum health is reached when the cells and their corresponding organs must be brought to interact at the same wavelength to achieve health. I proved through treatments that stimulation of the organ without cellular stimulation will result in a short lived unsuccessful treatment or a treatment that will depend on remedies for life,
  3. While most allergy sufferers were informed that they have genuine allergies for life, I proved through treatments that most allergies are not “true allergies” due to their cause and origin. I stressed that not all allergy symptoms are true allergies of the immune system. False allergies should be distinguished from their true counterparts through a precise medical history taking and examination. Allergies must be treated according to their cause and origin, not according to their apparent symptoms.
  4. I proved that the difference between the treatment of false allergies and the treatments of true allergies lies in the medical history of the patients, not in the symptoms. I stamped false allergies as “completely treatable” through removing therapeutic blockers from the body. I also stamped true allergies as “completely controllable” through better lymphatic system management to handle invading allergies,

The success behind my treatments stems from the following points:

  • Utilise natural remedies that are certified hypoallergic or low allergenecity,
  • Utilise the pharmacological loading dose ceiling at the commencement of the treatment for a period of two to three weeks which enhances better control of symptoms,
  • Take advantage of the bodys ability to respond to detoxification when cutting down on the supply of toxic food,
  • The American Back Society (US)
  • The American Academy of Alternative Medicine (US)
  • Utilize diet as main detoxifying factor,

The above has earned me a world-wide recognition that I was commissioned to lecture at many naturopathic and medical conferences:

  1. American Academy of Pain Management in Hollywood to introduce the principles of naturopathic medicine
  2. North York Board of Education awareness program on natural health
  3. I lectured endlessly in Toronto, Ottawa, Cornwall, Niagara Falls, Barrie
  4. I joined the European Medical Doctors Association which commissioned me to lecture in their yearly conferences in:
  5. Bonn Germany (treatment of complicated diabetic condition),
  6. Paris ( Ozone Therapy),
  7. Cairo (Chelation Therapy as a future replacement of triple bypass),
  8. Istanbul (Advancement in Cancer Treatment) and
  9. Aleppo at the University of Aleppo Medical School, (laser Treatment of muscles and joints)

I pursued new clinical advancement and studied ozone therapy, chelation therapy, Advanced Cancer Treatments and Mesotherapy.

“Your professionalism, sense of humor, and ability to show results is what continues to expand your practice and it is what drives people to continue seeing you.” – Patient.

Among the highlights of my clinical treatments

  • I was flown to treat the His Honor the President of Yemen and his family.
  • I also was flown with my nurse to Cairo to treat a royal members of the Saudi Royal Family.
  • I was flown to attend to patients in Miami Florida, Boston Massachusetts, North Carolina, Aleppo Syria and Dubai-United Arab Emirates.

Presently, many patients are seeking my treatments and the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic to reap the benefits of my clinical treatments. Many patients flew to Toronto from all over Canada, USA, England, Saudi Arabia, Dubia, Yemen and Kuwait to receive treatments at the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic. Over the years, my staff and I have made the difference in the live of many people.
One of my patients said “Your professionalism, sense of humor, and ability to show results is what continues to expand your practice and it is what drives people to continue seeing you.”

My commitment to achieving optimal health and well being for my patients motivated me to continue educating myself in holistic medicine utilize the latest and most innovative approaches in naturopathic medicine that will bring health and harmony to you, my patient. My patients support had driven me to become a forerunner in naturopathy medicine and continues my to expand globally.

On closing, I should not neglect the star that glowed and remains the source of light in my life, my wife Rowayda. She had a great role in shaping my life and my practice as a Naturopathic Doctor. She planned conferences for me, encouraged me and, at times, pushed me when I stalled which improved my practice and my life.

Over the years I have earned certificates and/or membership with the following organizations:

  1. The Ontario Association of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ont)
  2. The Canadian Association of Homeopathy (Que)
  3. The American Academy of Pain Management (USA)
  4. The American Back Society (USA)
  5. The American Academy of Alternative Medicine (USA)
  6. Medical Education Group Learning System, Skin Endpoint Titration (USA)
  7. European Medical Doctors Association (Germany)
  8. American College for Advancement in Medicine (USA)
  9. Bradford Research Institute, Live Cell Microscopy (USA)
  10. The Laboratory Arts Institute (USA)
  11. The Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy, Naturopathy (ON)
  12. The Canadian Professional Naturopath and Naturopathic Therapies Association (Que)
  13. The Canadian Federation of Massage and Massage Therapies (Que)
  14. The Cranio-sacral Therapy Institute Florida (USA)
  15. European Ozone Association (Germany)