Intravenous Treatment

Intravenous Vitamin Injections

All intravenous treatments must be pre-arranged by appointment. It must be clearly noted that our IV licensed naturopath travels especially to be at the clinic to conduct your treatment. Exact timing is very essential to plan her days better“.

Digestive Tracts and Vitamins

The aim of a treatment, any treatment, is to free the body from disease or any substances that act as a disease buffer.

The default treatment in normal circumstances is an oral non-invasive treatment. Oral treatments are slow to reach their target organ and have certain disadvantages that make these remedies useless for those patients who have compromised digestive tracts. Once swallowed, oral remedies enter the stomach and go through a complex metabolism. Several hours later; depending on the nature of the meal being digested; the remedies move along to the small intestine. Once in the intestine the remedies cross the walls of the intestine on its way to the liver. The liver metabolizes the remedies into a useful nutrient that the body can utilize. Unfortunately, the remedies face many obstacles in its journey from the mouth to the liver.

Among these obstacles is

  • weakness in the stomach’s digestive acid would reduce remedies hydrolyzation
  • weakness in the small intestine’s absorption would prevent proper remedies absorption
  • weakness in the liver’s metabolism would reduce the availability of remedies to the body
  • The more obstacles in the body the lesser the amount of remedies would reach the liver.

Intravenous treatments bypass all these obstacles and deliver remedies to the body ready for use.

Injectable Vitamins

Injectable Vitamin Treatment is an advanced method that would introduce hypo-allergic nutrients into the circulation momentarily. This method is fast and effective and produces immediate results such as in the case of hypoglycemia shock. These remedies are composed of many of the following groups of:

Natural nutrients such as:

  • vitamins: C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid, etc,
  • minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Molybdenum,   Potassium, etc,
  • enzymes: Co Q enzyme
  • amino acids: Lysine, Taurine, etc,

These remedies are mixed together to produce an isotonic solution with an osmolarity (concentration) of 300 mOsmol similar to human’s blood osmolarity. Some solutions are prepared and injected over three hours and others are injected over 30 minutes into the body to enhance detoxification and generate immediate vitality.

By administering different nutrients, based on your body’s requirement, a solution is prepared and injected in your body to achieve the following benefits:

  • Helps reverse the disease process within your body into a healthy process
  • Helps stimulate the immune system
  • Helps initiate and encourage detox processes in the liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system,
  • Reduces the stress on a physiological, biochemical and mental level
  • Individualized vitamin cocktails address your specific health concerns and deficiencies

Types of Intravenous Treatments
Intravenous treatments are designed in several options and choices depending on the need and condition’s state.

  • in a compromised digestive tracts, chronic cases and in malignancies a 500 ml. intravenous bag is used over three hours. All vitamins, minerals and homeopathics are added to the bag
  • in a lesser chronic cases a 250 ml. intravenous bag is used over two hours. All vitamins and minerals are added to the bag
  • in a condition with moderate severity a 100 ml. intravenous bag is used over one hour. All vitamins and minerals are added to the bag
  • in a vitamin deficient condition or immune support or allergies a 30 ml. intravenous syringe is used over thirty minutes. All vitamins, minerals and homeopathics are added to the syringe

The benefits of injectable vitamins versus regular oral vitamins:

  • Intravenous treatments provide faster delivery of nutrients to the cells-literally within seconds.
  • Intravenous treatments increase bio-availability of the injected vitamins, 10-20 fold.
  • For example, if you orally ingest 1 mg of Vitamin B12, this molecule first has to go through your stomach (where it needs to be broken down), small intestine (where it needs to get absorbed), liver (where it needs to get metabolized) and finally it gets delivered to the cells. At the end of this journey, there is only a minimal amount of vitamin B12 that gets delivered to the cells.
  • On the other hand, the entire amount of the same 1 mg of vitamin B12 will reach the target cells when injected into the body. The injection will swiftly bypass all those organs. The cocktails used are usually highly concentrated solutions of vitamins, minerals and other remedies and therefore your cells are forced to absorb 100% of them and therefore, optimal function and energy production is achieved.
  • Ability to take in a lot more vitamins than what our bodies would otherwise be able to handle orally.
  • For example: Sensitive patients may develop loose stools after taking 4 to 5 g of vitamin C. When using injectable vitamin therapies we can easily and safely use up to 15 g of Vitamin C with absolutely no side effects at all.

The need for these vitamins

  • Unfortunately, available food in our society does not provide us with the necessary nutrients required for optimal health. Foods are either highly processed, refined, and/or packaged. In addition to pesticides, our vegetables and fruits grow in vitamin and mineral depleted soils.
  • Vitamin deficiency and toxins are the reason for the higher incidence of different diseases in our society and an early incident of disease at a younger age.

Benefits of IV Therapies

Everyone can benefit from injectable treatments. Especially those patients suffering from chronic digestive problems (celiac disease, crohn’s disease, liver congestion/failure, pancreatitis, diverticulitis), etc. All these symptoms indicate a compromised absorption of the digestive system where an alternate injection is indicated instead of oral treatment. These patients will have long term vitamin deficiencies.
Other patients who will definitely benefit from these treatments are those who experience the following symptoms, such as regular bloating, indigestion, heartburn, reflux, stomach cramps, bad breath, yeast overgrowth, etc.

The fate of other supplements

Most people are taking some sort of daily supplements on a daily basis. Usually the vitamin injectable treatments are only given weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on the amount of your deficiencies, etc. These vitamins will be used up by your body very rapidly. Your regular oral vitamins and minerals are important to continue boosting your body with a small but constant supplemental support in between injectable treatments.




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