Naturopathic Treatments


Our Clinic treats all ailments and concerns from:

1- Females Concerns
2- Children’s Concerns
3- Adult’s Concerns
4- Senior’s Concerns

Female’s Concerns

The Naturopathic and allergy clinic has had extensive experience in dealing with female health concerns. We aim to treat the cause of the disease rather than to treat the symptoms of the disease. Treating the cause of the symptom would eradicate the symptom from the body completely which ranks this method as extremely effective.

Female concerns such as:

• Premenstrual Syndrome
• Yeast Infections
• Irregular Menstrual Cycle
• Menopause
• Infertility
• Virginities
• Pregnancy
• Osteoporosis, etc

are nothing but symptoms with the cause resting elsewhere in the body.

Our clinic is proud to announce that two infants were named after our clinic’s director name for his role in their conception.

It must be noted that there are more to treat than just the apparent symptoms. Most female symptoms are triggered by a combination of several factors such as:

• poor diet
• excessive use of medication
• life style habits

Children ‘s Concerns

Prevention of disease is the ultimate goal of naturopathy.

Children’s immune systems’ are naturally strong. It is sad to mention that children’s list of diseases is growing by the minute. Obviously, no one in the right frame of mind would intentionally make a child sick.. Unfortunately, we collaborate with several external factors to tamper with children’s health constitution. These factors are:

• Improper feeding during infancy
• Improper dietary habits in childhood
• Improper and/or excessive medication use
• Unhealthy life style

Children should be prevented from suffering, by altering the cause of their sicknesses. Allergies, Asthma, Juvenile arthritis, Hyperactivity, Chronic Tonsillitis, ADD, or recurring Ear Infections are strong indications of weakness in the immune system. The factors mentioned above singularly or collectively may lead to these infection by weakening the immune system.

At the clinic, the Naturopath moulds the treatments to fit children’s needs. Children should suffer no more.

Adult’s Concerns

Naturopathic treatments are individualized because of the personal constitution of every male and female. Approximately 80% of all patients that frequent naturopathic clinics, hospitals, medical clinics and chiropractic clinics became unwell in the first place due to one or more of the following reasons:

• Improper feeding during infancy
• Improper dietary habits in childhood
• Improper dietary habits in adulthood
• Improper and/ or excessive medication use in childhood
• Improper and/ or excessive medication use in adulthood
• Unhealthy life style such as smoking, street drugs, and improper sleeping habits.

Naturopathy pays more attention to the causative factors of the disease, not just the disease’s site or symptom, to rid the body of the disease completely. Asthma, Arthritis, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Diabetes, Indigestion, Migraines, Hypertension, Hypoglycemia, Eczema and Psoriasis are just examples of disease that were caused by improper nutrition and medications.

The treatment of these ailments start with proper examination, treatment, diet and therapy. Patients fly from all over the world into Canada specifically to be treated at this office for similar ailments.





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