Nutrition as a treatment complement

 “Proper nutrition is a vital component to achieve and maintain optimal health” Dr. srajeldin, absolutely seconds the comment.

Holistic nutrition is the foundation of good health and complements naturopathic medicine, it is a practice, which balances and strengthens the body with the use of wholesome, natural foods, herbs and supplements. Since holistic nutrition views the body as a whole, positive lifestyle habits must also be considered in order to create and maintain optimal health.

Nutrition includes not only what we eat, but also how we digest, absorb, assimilate and utilize what we eat – and that can vary significantly from person to person.

Dis-ease occurs in the body when it is overburdened and out of balance. We do not catch dis-eases, we create them by breaking down our natural immunities according to the way we live, eat, drink, and think. Naturally the body has the incredible ability to heal itself, but only when functioning optimally.

Rather than treating each dis-ease symptom, holistic nutritional consultants search for and work to balance the underlying cause of the problem. The root cause of many dis-ease symptoms is very often nutrition related and once the body is provided with a strong nutritional foundation, it often heals itself.

Every disease needs its own nutritional requirement. Candida condition, hypertension conditions, allergy conditions, diabetic conditions all need their nutrition settings.





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